Reliance Call Conferencing

Reliance Communications launches Nationwide Instant Call Conferencing Service for both CDMA and GSM Networks.

 Call Conferencing allows RCOM customers to ‘Instantly’ establish conference call to a group of up to 9 other contacts drawn from the phone address book, with a single click.

Call Conferencing requires a handset client available on major handsets such as BREW, Java, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows.

Call Conferencing - Highlights - PostPaid

  • Initiation of call directly from the mobile handset using the contact list of the handset (Call Conferencing Client).
  • Fast, easy setup of full duplex conferencing with nation-wide mobile and landline participants.
  • Participants receive SMS notification with a call back number to rejoin conference call if they get dropped during the call or during the missed call.
  • Service offered to Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers on both Reliance GSM and CDMA network in India.

    Call Conferencing - Highlights - PrePaid

    • Dial-in Call feature, at low cost reach upto 9 people.
    • Simple call setup and have all group members call in.
    • Setup Time and Date you want to have a Conference Call and SMS is sent to all Group Members with Call back number and Pass Code.
    • Receive SMS reminder for all Call, all group members have to just Dial-in to the given callback number, enter pass code and get connected into a conference.
    • Charged for just one outgoing call and other group members pay for their call. Less impact of Prepaid Balance.

Call Conferencing - Benefits

  • Huge calling network – With any dial-able number, Instant Conferencing contact network is virtually unlimited.
  • Less error prone - No memorizing long call-in numbers and PINs.
  • Productive – less wasted time in call set up and coordination.
  • Simple - No confusing or elaborate conferencing keystrokes or commands.
  • Flexible - Conference calls can be at any time and with any combination of contacts.




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